The ‘Word Dial Puzzle’ is one of the puzzles of the museum.


The Word Dial is a normal to moderately difficult puzzle. It is located in the Theater, and acts as a door lock. It is

The Word Dial Puzzle Door

located on a door in a hallway in Theater. On the door, there is a central circle, with eight concentric circles around it. On each of those circles, there are four letter, which rotate to appear readable. Once the correct solution is found, the Clock Tower is easily accessible.

The PuzzleEdit

The puzzle is normal to moderately difficult. With four letters on each of the eight circles, this can lead to 65536, or 4 to the eighth power, combinations. One key to solving this puzzle is working with each letter, figuring out which letters will work in eight letter words, and remembering standard English vocabulary. This actually decreases the number of combinations. There is also a hint to what the correct combination is located in the elevator in the secret passages.

The word dial in one of its starting positions.

Other ExamplesEdit

There are times where the Word Dial puzzle has been used in other location. However, it has been made more difficult but adding a fifth set of letters. The rules for those dials also include that all five sets must spell proper words. With more combinations that spell proper words, it makes the puzzle more difficult.

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