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Wood Pictograph


The Wood Ixupi is best described as an animated tree stump, with two green glowing eyes, and two branches ending in

Wood Ixupi attacking.

claw like hands with four fingers.

Known hiding spots[]

The first hiding place usually discovered of the Wood Ixupi is in the workshop just off Professor Windlenot's office. In an open crate, there is a wooden statue. It is also known to be hiding in some boards in the Myths and Legends room. Another hiding spot of the Wood Ixupi is the Canoe God Statue in the Gods and Religious Items room. Lastly, in the secret passages of the second floor, there is a pile of lumber that the Wood Ixupi has called home.

Signs of Ixupi[]

The usual background noise is drowned out by the sound of creaking timber. Is some spots, this could be mistake for floor boards, but be wary.


Capturing the Wood Ixupi is just like capturing all the other Ixupi. The halves of its vessel are usually hidden in two random locations. With so many different hiding places, the Wood Ixupi is usually very difficult to capture.

Loose in the world[]

If the Wood Ixupi had been able to get loose, the range of hiding spots is limited to anything wooden. The only limitation is that the Ixupi is bound to dead wood, not living wood. Given how many things are constructed out of wood, the wood Ixupi may not be as huge a threat as other Ixupi, such as the Water Ixupi, and the Metal Ixupi.