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‘Whitney and Son Ltd’ is a law firm mentioned in the game of Shivers.

Who they are[]

The law firm of Whitney and Son Ltd is a long standing law firm, located at 1481 Weathershire Street in London, England. It can be deduced that the law firm is over two centuries in age, since their letter states they have served the Windlenot family representing their interests for 256 years.

The law firm is obviously a family affair since whenever a Whitney retires, his eldest son is taking over. They are also invited to family events, such as the wedding of Geoffrey Windlenot.

Judging by words in the letter, the law firm must have been also in charge of public relations, smoothing over any of Hubert's faux pas. Since Hubert Windlenot had earned knighthood, this must have been a constantly increasing duty of the firm, especially given the things he was interested in finding.

The law firm was unaware of the events that happened at the museum when the Ixupi killed Professor Windlenot. The letter was sent September of 1984, almost a full four years later, inquiring as why nobody has heard about the Professor for years.

Firm members[]

In 1984, the firm members that are known about are:

  • Joseph P. Whitney (until September)
  • James Whitney