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Wax Pictograph


The Wax Ixupi is best described as a slightly oozing humanoid form, oozing and dripping wax. Even its face looks like it is just oozing off.

Known hiding spots[]

There are three known hiding spaces for this Ixupi. The first place is the candelabra in the Library. The second location to find this Ixupi is the wax figurine in the Shaman room. The last place to locate the Wax Ixupi is in the statue of the serpent, Apophis, in the Myths and Legends room.

Signs of Ixupi[]

This Ixupi's appearance is usually accompanied by the sound of molten wax, possibly bubbling. For each hiding spot, this is a give-away for the Ixupi's presense.


For this Ixupi, locating the vessel halves is just as difficult as finding the Ixupi afterwords. With multiple hiding spots for the vessel halves, and three possible hiding spots for the Ixupi, capturing the Ixupi means a good deal of running around.

Loose in the world[]

If the Wax Ixupi had been able to get loose, there is a good deal of hiding spots for it. Everyday candles, items sealed with wax, and even hives are hiding spots. On the bright side, it could scare off killer bees.