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Water Pictograph


The Water Ixupi is the first Ixupi encountered. The best way to describe it is roughly humanoid looking, with a large mouth, two eyes with red pupils, and two arms ending in hands with four fingers.

Special encounters[]

Water Ixupi Attack.jpg

This Ixupi is encountered about three quarters of the way across the underground lake. Since there is no way to avoid this encounter, the only thing that can be done is to quickly move forward, out of range of another attack.

Other known hiding spots[]

There are two other hiding spots for the Water Ixupi, and one of them can actually be controlled. The first one, which is frightening on many levels, is inside the Janitor's room. The Ixupi can pop out of the toilet in there. The simple fact that the toilet is where most people relieve themselves is part of the frightening part of this location (although a horror movie has an attack coming from a toilet while it is in use). The second frightening part about this spot is the fact that the Janitor's room is very small, and has another Ixupi hiding place in it.

The second hiding place, and the only one that can be controlled, is the fountain in the Entry Hall. When one arrives in the Entry Hall, the fountain is shut off. This was most likely done by the Professor Windlenot as an effort to contain that particular Ixupi. Once the fountain is turned back on, it fills with water, and allows for the Ixupi to show up there. This can be a boon if the vessel is assembled.

Signs of Ixupi[]

The appearance of the Water Ixupi is preceded by a sound that would seem normal for running water; a gurgling sound. When the fountain is running, this sound seems to blend in. When it comes to the toilet, the sound would make one think the toilet is not working, and draw ones attention to it. The only place where the sound seems out of place is the underground lake, where the water appears still.


The vessel to contain the Water Ixupi is one of the ten that are split into two parts. The lid is adorned with a sculpture of three sharks leaping out of it, and it has an edge that has three square like tabs on it. The bottom has a base that makes the pot look like it is emerging out of the water. The bottom is also adorned with the Water pictograph.


Capturing the Water Ixupi can be trying, since the halves of its vessel are usually randomly hidden. Henceforth, it would not be surprising to go around the museum with less than full health for a good portion of the time. The best way to capture the Water Ixupi, however, would be to make sure the water fountain in the entry hall is activated, and approach it there with the completed Water Vessel.

Loose in the world[]

The Water Ixupi loose in the world is a completely horrifying concept. Given the combination of the necessity of water in everyday life, and the fact that approximately seventy-five percent water, the Water Ixupi being loose is very frightening. Couple that with the affinity that some people have for sailing, and going on cruises, it is very possible that we may look at the possibility of more Marie Celeste’s in the world.