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The ‘Tombs And Curses’ is one of the museum’s exhibits room .


Tombs and Curses highlights the truth and legends behind some of the cultures who took part in entombing those who have passed one. This room is divided into two halves, and each half is devoted to one of two areas of the world known for tombs. The side closest to the door to the Main Entry Hall has a jungle motif, which is in accordance to the cultures that were in Central and South America, such as the Incan and Aztec. The other half of the room is devoted to the Egyptians, and has images and displays highlighting that culture.


Being one of the main exhibit rooms, this room is filled with displays especially linked to tombs, and the supposed curses linked to those tombs. The belief in curses was supposed to deter grave robbers, and also hide away that which shamed the culture, or was very dangerous.

The example of the dangerous one is the Tomb of the Ixupi display, which takes up the side focusing on South America. This display depicts a room with pictographs on the wall telling the legend of the Ixupi, and thirteen display stands for each of the remaining Ixupi pots.

The example for hiding those that are shamed is a sarcophagus between to obelisks, and it is opposite a replica of the legendary Sphinx. It happens to be that this display is also a puzzle in the room.

The example of the curse trying to deter grave robbers is the Curse of Anubis. This is just a basic Egyptian tomb set up, All around the entry to the tomb is statues of Anubis, and inside the tomb is a simple sarcophagus.


There are three exits in the Tombs and Curses room. The first one is the door to the Main Entry Hall. The second is a secret panel that is near the door to the Main Entry Hall. The way to open the secret panel is a leaf like switch that blends into the wall. The last door is at the top of some steps on a pyramid like structure. This door leads to the Funeral Rites room, and a Panel Rotation puzzle must be solved to unlock the door.

Hiding Spots[]

There are two hiding spots in the Tombs and Curses room.


There is hiding spot for the vessel or talisman in the room is the

The spot where a vessel can be found.

Sarcophagus of the Heretics. Completing that puzzle, which opens the Sarcophagus, allows one to access the hiding spot.


The only hiding spot for an Ixupi in this room is inside the

Mummy wrappings that the Cloth Ixupi hides in.

sarcophagus in the Curse of Anubis display. The wrappings of the mummy in there is a perfect hiding spot for the Cloth Ixupi.


There are three puzzles in this room. The first one is the Sarcophagus of the Heretics. The Sphinx will give the clue, and then using that clue and one of the books in the museum, the solution can be found on the two Obelisks, causing the Sarcophagus to open. The second puzzle in the room is actually the Panel Rotation door on the way out. Finally, another one of the Skull Dials is located in this room, right near the Tomb of the Ixupi.

Things Amiss[]

While at first, it appears nothing is amiss in this room, the proof that something is wrong is in the fact that the Ixupi vessels are missing from the Tomb of the Ixupi, which had been opened by Merrick Campbell, and Beth Ann Nelson.


One of the security cameras is in this room. While it cannot be seen, it’s field of view captures the Tomb of the Ixupi exhibit. Most likely, this would place it somewhere above the door to the Funeral Rites exhibit.