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300 BC
Heraclides of Pontus discovers that planets revolve around the sun.
Modern man rediscovers the planets's orbits.
Whitney and Son Ltd handle the legal and financial affairs of the Windlenots.[1]
Hubert Windlenot discovers that many civilizations other than Egyptians constructed pyramids, and these had to have some common origin.
Kenneth Arnold reports the first sighting of a "flying saucer".
May 14: Jorge discovers the Ixupi vessels in Blood Rocks.
Siegfeld Schwartz dies mysteriously, apparently killed by the Ixupi.[2]
Geoffrey Windlenot is born.[3]
Hubert Windlenot arrives at Mt. Pleasant.[2]
September 1: Windlenot begins his journal. He decides to drop the title of Sir.[3]
September 2: Windlenot starts teaching at the College.[3]
September 6: Windlenot decides to introduce his students to his controversial discoveries.[3]
November 12: Windlenot hears him being called "Windlenut". He decides to quit teaching once his contract ends.[3]
March 16: Windlenot has purchased land outside the town in order to build his museum.[3]
June 23: Ground-breaking of the museum. Mayor Jim Wilton and president of CoC Bob Taylor were present.[3]
October 14: The chairman of CoC visits Windlenot. They have an argument as Windlenot doesn't wish locals be involved in the construction as that would ruin its secrets.[3]
Spring: Windlenot's Museum of the Strange and Unusual sceduled to open.[2]
December 25: Third year in a row Windlenot spends Chrismas away from his family.[3]
Another date when Windlenot's Museum was due to open.[2]
October 24: Windlenot returns from Central America with new artifacts. Stonemasons are on strike and decides to find another contractor.[3]
April 3: Already overdue for 5 years, Windlenot announces that his museum will be completed in another 3 years.[2]
August 17: After threats from the mayor, Windlenot has installed n electrical generator from Germany to make his museum self-sufficient.[3]
May 14: Mary Elizabeth Windlenot writes to Hubert asking him to thing about their son and cease communications with Geoffrey.[4]
June 1: Hubert decides to follow his wife's advice and keep writing to his son only through his journal.[3]
August 3: Hubert receives a newpaper clipping from Joseph Whitney, regarding Geoffrey's acceptance to Oxford. He purchases an alarm clock without AM/PM function.[3]
October 23: Mysteries of the Deep, the first completed exhibit of the museum, is finished.[3]
February 27: Windlenot learns from his Mexican workers about a South American legend and contacts the authorities in Lima.[3]
Windlenot believes he found the remains of a basilisk in Nigeria.[5]
May 23: After negotiations with the Lima authorities, Windlenot purchases Schwartz's pottery vessels.[2]
May 30: Windlenot awaits shipment of the artifacts.[3]
July 12: Windlenot attempts to open the pottery vessels but his workers threaten to leave.[3]
In Search of the Unexplained is published.
John Maker signs a copy of Ancient Astrology with a dedication to Merrick Campbell.
March 23: Fearing the vessels, the Mexican workers had left the previous week. Windlenot saught the help of Edmund Rasmussen.[3]
January 4: Windlenot fires another team of workers.[3]
July 10: Merrick Campbell starts writing in his notebook.[6]
July 11: John Campbell and Merrick move to Mt. Pleasant, Ohio.[6]
July 15: Merrick starts liking Mt. Plesant's quietness and clean atmosphere.[6]
July 25: Dr. Stanley Barlou and Mt. Pleasant Drugs give Merrick Campbell an asthma inhaler.
July 30: Merrick discovers Windlenot's museum and is excited.[6]
August 8: Merrick learns more about Wndlenot from his father.[6]
August 20: Merrick sees Windlenot for a first time.[6] During a trip, Windlenot notices Merrick stalking him.[3]
August 29: Merrick writes that Beth Ann Nelson claims that she knows Windlenot.[6]
September 6: Returning from the post office, Windlenot again notices Merrick stalking him.[3] Merrick follows him to the museum and notices him entering from The secret entrance of the museum.[6]
September 7: Windlenot and Merrick write about each other's meeting in their respective journals.
September 13: Merrick has been working in Willie's Books and has figured out more about the museum layouts. He also has noticed that Beth likes him.[6] Windlenot visits the barber to find more about the boy. He sees Merrick again stalking him, this time himself followed by Beth.[3]
September 17: Windlenot meets Merrick in the bookstore looking for a book about an African tribe and they talk for the first time. As he asks him about the museum, he notices Beth again.[3][6]
He receives a letter from Geoffrey. He then begins writing a Letter to Geoffrey Windlenot but he never completes it.[3]
September 18: Windlenot leaves for Africa.[6]
September 26: Performance evaluation is given to the students of Mt. Pleasant High School. Beth Nelson and Merrick Campbell are last seen leaving high school together. Rachel Nelson works at Bob's Tavern while John Campbell has a lecture. Merrick and Beth break into the museum. They open the Ixupi vessels.[7][6]
September 27: John Campbell reports the missing of his son to the police. Rachel Nelson is questioned by the police.[7]
September 29: Ronald Reagan arrives at his home for a week of campaigning and fundraising.[7]
September 30: Windlenot returns from Africa. He finds his furniture tipped over. He believes that Merrick Campbell is there.[8]
Last time Hubert Windlenot is heard by his friends and family in England.[1]
April: Geoffrey Windlenot's wedding in London.[1]
September: Joseph P. Whitney sends a worried letter to Hubert.[1]
Mystery of the windlenot's museum is solved.
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