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The ‘Theater’ is one of the museum’s rooms but is not necessarily an exhibit.


The theatre is one of the few rooms in the museum that is not an exhibit, but like in other museums, can be visited in relation to an exhibit. The décor in the theatre gives it an Egyptian feel, to fit in turn with it‘s entrance. It is filled with movie style seating, which anyone can watch any of the many films Professor Windlenot has made, or taken part in, or attend a lecture given by a guest speaker standing at the podium on stage. On the left side of the stage, there is a hallway that leads to the Projection Room.


The only display would be the film that is played once the film is set in the projection room. Other than that, the only thing to look at is the décor in the theatre.

The view of the theater, note the egyptian motif.


There are four exits from the theater. Two of those exits are simple exits, with no puzzles to solve to pass through the door. One leads back to the Main Entry Hall, and the other is at the top of some steps and opens to the Projection Room. There is also a secret panel opposite those stairs that lead to the hidden passageway on the first floor. The only other door is a puzzle door that leads to a stairway up the Clock Tower.

Hiding Spots[]

There is one hiding spots in the Theatre, and it is only revealed after solving the ‘puzzle‘ in the Projection Room.


The hiding spot is actually behind the curtain that covers the movie screen.

The hiding spot behind the curtain.

The curtain is so thick, and so close to the screen, the only way to get at anything behind it is to open the curtain. The only way to open that curtain is to start the movie projector. Once it is open, at the end farthest from the podium is where part of one of the vessels is hiding.

Things Amiss[]

On first look, nothing seems amiss in the Theatre, however, a closer look at the podium

The notes between Merrick and Beth.

reveals that Merrick and Beth passed messages to one another via the Theatre. Oddly enough, it appears that this room is one of very few rooms where no Ixupi are encountered, so the room may have been a safe haven. Of course, this could be that either the Jade, Stone, or Fire Ixupi had used the room as a hiding space.


There is one puzzle in the Theatre, which is the Word Dial Door. By setting the right word in the section from the center to the right, the door will open, allowing access to the clock tower.

The word dial on the door to the clock tower.