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Tar/Oil/Burning Water Pictograph


The Tar Ixupi is best described as a oozing dragon-like form. When it attacks, it spreads what looks like wings, and has a dragon like mouth.

Known hiding spots[]

The first time this Ixupi is most likely encountered is in the Strange Animals room. In one corner of that room, one will find a tar pit, a smaller version of the ones where many dinosaur bones have been discovered. The other location in which this Ixupi is encountered is in the Subterranean World exhibit. This exhibit is divided in half by an oil or tar moat.

Signs of Ixupi[]

The usual background noise is drowned out by the sound of bubbling tar, similar to what might have been heard in cartoons. Since this sound is usually out of place inside, it is good sign that you are near the Tar Ixupi.


The difficult part of capturing the Tar Ixupi is locating the two halves of its vessel. Once the two halves have been assembled, capturing the Ixupi is relatively simple. Once the vessel is complete, the Tar Ixupi will only appear in the Subterranean World exhibit. The reward for capturing that Ixupi is access to a half of a vessel, and a secret passage that leads to the main hall.

Loose in the world[]

If the Tar Ixupi had been able to get loose, the range of hiding spots is not as limited as one might think. With the reliance on automobiles, the Ixupi could lurk anywhere there is Oil, and Tar. Also, any oil related disaster would result in a larger loss of life if the Tar Ixupi had gotten loose.


  • The Tar Ixupi is the only one that can be seen on the game's cover, appearing in the iris of the eye shown.