‘‘Tape Recorder’ is a item featured in ‘Shivers‘.

The RecorderEdit

Setting on Professor Windlenot’s desk is a tape recorder. This is something common amongst people in researching

Professor Windlenot's Tape Recorder

positions. They use it to record notes down when they don’t have time to write them down. This particular one contains Professor Windlenot’s notes when he returned from his trip and discovered someone had gotten into the museum.


30th September, 1980. Returning from Africa. I discovered something profoundly disturbing. Someone has been here. Furniture has been tipped over. And the book Egyptian Hieroglyphics Explained is not in its place in the library, but face down here on the office floor. And oddly, one of the pages is torn out. And I feel the presence of … I’m not sure. I must investigate the second floor. The puzzles…when I created them, I never stopped to think they’d become an obstacle in the event of some terrible occurrence. The Ixupi! Someone has released them from their vessels! Never has anything been so evil! A name written in the lift: Merrick. Who is he, one of the missing youngsters? Here in my museum? If so, are they both here? Can they still be alive? Evil entities attacking from everywhere, robbing me of my life essence! I can’t seem to find the right vessel for each Ixupi! Without it they can’t be captured! Without it, I am doomed! Aaahhhh…. (Evil entity growls) Get back! Get back! Get out of my museum. Oh, I wish I had never brought you here….(Professor Windlenot is heard fleeing at that point.)

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