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The ‘Subterranean World’ is one of the museum’s exhibits room, and one of the most secretive.


The Subterranean World is one of the most extensive, and complex exhibits in the museum. It begins from a hidden entrance in the Mysteries of the Deep room, and just inside that door is a plaque. One first has to go down a mock up of an ancient tunnel spoken about in ancient legend. After that, one must open a replica of a door, whose secret is revealed with a film somewhere else in the museum, one must traverse a maze, before reaching the true exhibit room. Inside the room, one gets the feeling that they are deep inside the earth.


While the exhibit is extensive, the only displays are the door leading to the maze, and a statue in the room itself of a Dero, robots from a supposed culture living in the Hollow Earth. Other than that, the only other display item down there is what looks like an altar on the other side of a tar pit.


There are two exits from the main part of the display. The first is the exit back into the maze. For those who want to challenge the maze again, they can make their way through and back to the Mysteries of the Deep room. The second exit is less obvious. A close examination of the altar reveals a hidden passage that leads up to the Main Entry Hall.

Hiding Spots[]

There are only two spots in the main part of the Subterranean World exhibit, and both are in the open


There is only one hiding spot for a vessel in the exhibit is right atop of the altar like structure in the one corner of the main exhibit.

Resting place of one of the Ixupi vessels, or talismens

While it is out in the open, it is on the other side of an Ixupi‘s hiding spot, and that Ixupi must be captured before the vessel can be claimed.


The Tar pit that the Tar Ixupi will strike from.

The only place for an Ixupi to hide in the main exhibit room of the Subterranean World, is a tar pit that one must cross to reach the altar structure. This makes a terrific spot for the Tar Ixupi to attack from, since people would go for the vessel. It also makes a perfect place to capture the Tar Ixupi as well.

Things Amiss[]

There are two items one could consider signs of something being amiss in the museum. The first happens to be a security camera in the corner of the Exhibit. This camera appears to be active, and someone, or something, is using it to keep tabs on those in the museum. The other thing amiss is something that sometimes occurs in the passageway that lead to the main entry hall. Sometimes, right near the exit, there is a glowing, growling face. One might suppose that it is something set up to startle museum patrons, or it is possible that it is an Ixupi that is free of the threat of recapture.


There are three puzzles in the Subterranean World exhibit. The first being the door that leads to the maze. The way to open this door can be seen in the movie theater. The second puzzle is the maze itself. It is possible to solve this maze using either the right hand rule, or the left hand rule. If one wants to take the time to map the maze out, they are free to do so. The last puzzle in the room is actually another Skull Dial that plays a part in the big puzzle of the museum.


There is an obvious security camera located in this exhibit. It is in the corner of the room, and points right at the Dero exhibit, and it can also see the tar pit, and

The Security Camera in the corner

the altar like structure.