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The ‘Strange Beasts’ is one of the museum’s exhibits room which highlights the animal oddities in nature, as well as creatures that are rumored to exist. It would also highlight other oddities that occur in nature. The walls each consists of images of dinosaurs. There is also a recording by the door from the Main Entry Hall.


Being one of the main exhibit rooms, there are many displays to be seen. One of the first displays to be seen is of the Bird Eating Spider. There is also an exhibit for the largest Starfish. Along the back wall, there is an example of a Giant Eagle’s Nest.

Also in the room is a metal statue of a Unicorn, the mythic variation of the horse. There is a representation of a Griffin in one corner of the room. In the corner across from it, there can be found an example of the many tar pits where bones of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures have been found.

Other displays in the room consist of statues of a Triceratops and Stegosaurus, a replica of one of the many deep ocean fish, most likely a Coelacanth. Also, a replica of some sort of insect hive, and large Ivory Tusks are in the exhibit room.


There are three exits from the Strange Beasts Exhibit, and all of them are easy to spot. Usually one enters the room from the Main Entry Hall.

The other two doors are on the wall opposite: between the Griffin Display, and the Eagle’s Nest display, is the entrance to the Amazing Plants Exhibit. At the other end of the nest, right next to the Skull Dial, is the entrance to the Mysteries of the Deep exhibit.

Hiding Spots[]

There are a fewer hiding spots in the Strange Beasts Exhibit than there are in the Main Entry Hall, however the majority of those hiding spots are for the Ixupi.


This is where one can find a vessel after a fail attempt to capture an Ixupi

There is only one hiding spot for a vessel in the Strange Beasts room, and that is inside the Giant Eagle‘s Nest. Usually, this is only used as a hiding spot if one tries to capture an Ixupi with the wrong vessel.


Like in the Main Entry Hall, Two Ixupi can be found in the Strange Beasts Exhibit. The Metal Ixupi can be found lurking in the Unicorn statue, since the statue is made of metal. The Tar Ixupi can be found lurking in the Tar Pit in the one corner of the room.


Skull Dial by the Giant Eagle's Nest

The only item that fits with any of the puzzles in the museum is the Skull Dial next to the Giant Eagle’s Nest. This must be set to a specific skull, and when set correctly with five other Skull Dials, it will unlock the final part of the Puzzle’s Exhibit.

Things Amiss[]

Merrick Campbell's Inhalor

There is one clue in the Strange Beasts room that something was wrong in the museum. That is Merrick Campbell's inhalor lying on the floor between the Giant Eagle's nest and the Bird-Eating Spider display.


There is a security camera hidden in the Strange Beasts exhibit. It is hidden from view, however, from the security console, it can been determined that it is hidden in the ceiling above the starfish exhibit. Oddly enough, this camera also captured an image of Merrick Campbell running throught the room, pausing long enough to take a puff from his inhalor.