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The ‘Solitaire/IQ Puzzle’ is one of the puzzles of the museum.


The Solitaie/IQ puzzle, also refered to as the Chinese Checkers puzzle,

The Solitare IQ Puzzle.

is the most difficult puzzle located in the museum. It is located in the base of the Animal Crematorium display. Set up on a background that suggests an Oriental background, it is designed in a cross format, with 33 spots. The central spot is left empty, and is red in color. All the other spots hold red marbles. The is also a red button under the cross, which will reset the puzzle.

The Puzzle[]

As stated above, this puzzle is the most difficult in the game. The rules for this puzzle is as follows:

1. One must move a marble to an empty spot.

2. The only way to move the marble is to jump another marble.

3. Every marble that is jumped must be removed.

The goal is to leave one marble remaining, and it must be in the center. While

Location where the vessel part is hidden.

the first move is simple, making the thirty-one moves to leave the last marble in the center is quite difficult. It is the ability to think ahead, or memorize working combinations that helps solve this puzzle. It is also quite easy to see if a move will lead to failure, if you have one marble in a lone corner that you can't get another marble next to it. Successful completion of this puzzle reveals a part of one of the Ixupi vessels.

This puzzle has been a favorite of puzzle lovers everywhere, and some even judge how smart a person is by doing the puzzle. The fewer marbles or pegs remaining means one is of a higher intellect. Prior to computers, and portable gaming units, a version of the game was sold in stores under the name IQ. Like Shivers, it was set up in the English set up, a square cross consisting of 33 holes and 32 marbles. Restaurants, like the Friendly's chain, even had wooden peg versions of the puzzle, set up in a triangular format with 15 holes and 14 pegs. In those, however, you were never given a definate peg to leave out.

Most version define a genius intellect playing this game as follows. If you can leave one peg left, in the spot that was left empty to begin the puzzle, then you are a genius. Today, it either means you are a genius, or you looked a solution online. The puzzle has also been sighted in the game Professor Layton and The Last Specter.