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The ‘Shaman’ room is one of the museum’s exhibits room .


The Shaman room is an exhibit room devoted to the role of medicine man in primitive cultures. The walls have a jungle motif, and the one exit is hidden by this motif, fitting in with the belief that one is hidden in the jungle or rain forest.


In this room, in one corner, there is a set up of a primitve hut. Inside are examples of items that the medicine man might use. In some cultures, the medicine man is called a shaman, and so there are some items that belong to just a shaman in the hut.

By the entrance to the room, there are three items that are not fully linked with the Shaman, but could be linked to the religion of VooDoo. Since VooDoo has been linked to, or compared to, the roles and practices of the Medicine Man, it is possible that Professor Windlenot thought they would fit in there.

Most important to the room, however, is the figure that stands near some primative drums. This is the example of the witch doctor. It is believed that most witch doctors, shamans, and medicine men use music of some sorts, usually percussions, for their ceremonies. In the figure's hands is a mallet for those drums. These drums are linked to the second exit from the room.


There are two exits in the Shaman room. The first one is the doors to the Funeral Rites room. The second one, which is hidden in the walls of the room, and can only be revealed by the drum puzzle. This exit leads to the Gods and Religious Items exhibit room.

Hiding Spots[]

There is only one known hiding spot in the Shaman room.


Hiding spot for Wax Ixupi, in the Shaman Room.

The only hiding spot in the room for an Ixupi is a wax figurine that is on display near the door to the Funeral Rites room. From time to time, the Wax Ixupi can be found hiding in it. Since it is effectively in a dead end that one can easily see down, it is easily avoidable.


Drum Puzzle in the Shaman/Witch Doctor Room

There is only one puzzle in this room. It can be basically called the Drum Puzzle and it is part of the Shaman/Witch Doctor figure display. Completing this puzzle opens the door to the Gods and Religious Items room.

Things Amiss[]

Since the room is not complete, one might think that nothing would look amiss. There is scaffolding opposite of the Shaman exhibit. There are signs, however, that something was amiss. First off, there are foot prints going from the scaffolding and under the hidden door. The second item, however, is only visible from the Camera set up in the room, and watching from the security panel. It is up there where one of the two teens wrote the solution for the Drums Puzzle.


The Camera in the Shaman/Which Doctor room

Out of view of all people that would be in the room is a security camera. From viewing the camera's view in the security room, one can tell the camera is aimed at the hidden door. It is also in line to see the solution to the drums puzzle there. The words make that camera the most important one of the museum.