The ‘Security Console’ is one of the features of the museum.


Located up at the top of the clock tower, the security system allows one to view various locations in the museum.

A close up of the security system console.

There are twelve miniature screens, which each show the camera view in twelve locations. Selecting a button under each of those screens allow one to see the view from that camera on the central screen. A joystick under that screen allows manual control of the camera, so one can see around. Also, next to the joystick, there are two buttons, a play button and a stop button. Clicking on the play button allows one to view any recordings made from the location of the camera.

Camera locationsEdit

There are twelve cameras located in the museum. Some of those cameras are located in exhibits, and others located in areas where people are not supposed to be. These twelve location are as follows: Tombs and Curses, Planetarium, Subterranean World, First Floor Secret Passage, Shaman, Funeral Rights, Main Entry Hall, Puzzle Room, Outside, pointing at the clock tower, Outside, pointing at Stonehenge Entrance, Strange Beasts, Right near elevator door from the Underground Lake.


Most of the camera’s do not have a video playback. However, two of them do, which allows someone to view bother Beth Ann Nelson, and Merrick Campbell, as they try to avoid the Ixupi. Beth can be seen in the First Floor Secret passageway, running from the elevator. It is evident that she drops her purse. Merrick and been seen in the Strange Beasts one, obviously ducking into room and taking a treatment for Asthma.


Using the cameras, one can find solutions to two puzzles. The one being the Clock Chains puzzle, and the second being the Shaman Drum puzzle. The solution for the Shaman Drum puzzle was figured out by Merrick, who left the message in paint for Beth. Solving the Clock Chains puzzle is just viewing the current time on the clock.


There are two speculations that can be inferred when seeing the cameras. Since they appear to react when one is near, one can believe that the cameras have motion sensors. It is very possible that the cameras are designed to focus on any motion. The other speculation that can be made is that the Ixupi have take control of the system. Most likely, the Electricity Ixupi is in control of the system.

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