The ‘Secret Passageways’ are sections of the museum not necessarily open to the public.


The secret passages are a set of three passages that connect to some of the exhibit rooms. These entrances are usually hidden, but can be detected with careful observation. The switch to open each secret door is located near each door. Also, the three floors are connected by an Elevator.


First FloorEdit

There is a spooky motif in this secret passageway with skulls and skeletal hands on the

Part of the Motif in the First Floor Secret Passageway

walls and steps, as well as a rusted iron look.


This first floor secret passage connects to only two rooms. The first room it connects to is the Library, where the entrance is hidden behind a bookcase. The second entrance is a panel in the hallway that leads up to the projection room in the Theater, however this is one way from the Theater. Located near the end of the one passageway is the Elevator between the floors. Also, the first floor secret passageway has a stairway that leads down to the Power Generator Room.


There is one camera on the first floor secret passage. It is found at the end of the one hallway,

Camera in the Secret Passageway

near the elevator. The video recorded by this camera shows Beth Ann Nelson running from the camera, dropping something. Since the item found in her lipstick, and the elevator is near the camera, but out of view, it can be deduced that she had left a message for Merrick Campbell.

Things AmissEdit

Littering the hall is some of the possessions of Beth Ann Nelson, which hints that she had run down the hall. These includes lipstick, a school ID card, report card, and her purse which contained her address book. Also, the entrance from the library is propped open.

Hiding SpotsEdit

The first floor secret passage is actually one of the few areas in the museum that is Ixupi free, as well as that there is no way anything is hidden there.

Second FloorEdit

In contrast to the first floor, this floor of secret passages appears to be more like a hotel hallway. The only things that dispel this idea is the piles of timber, and scrap metal in alcoves, and the stairs leading up to the third floor.


This second floor secret passage also connects to two rooms. The first room it connects to is the Tombs and Curses, where the entrance blends in with the wall. The second entrance is a door at the end of one alcove that leads to the Fortune Teller room. Along one hallway is the elevator between the three floors of secret passages. Also, the second floor secret passageway has a stairway that leads up to the third floor secret passage. This stairway is from a landing that crosses over on of the passages between rooms, on the second floor.


There is only one puzzle is the second floor secret passages. This is a Picture Panel Puzzle. Once this puzzle is solved, the Fortune Teller room is unlocked.

Hiding SpotsEdit

The second floor holds the only hiding spot in all the secret passages.

The sole hiding spot is a pile of wood not far from the entrance to the Fortune Teller room. This is a perfect spot for the Wood Ixupi to hide. It’s seclusion is idea for the Ixupi to avoid capture, but not good for hunting victims.

Pile of wood in second floor secret passages.

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