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The ‘Riddle Chain’ is one of the puzzles of the museum, possibly the most extensive one.


The Riddle Chain is a set of riddles designed to lead the visitor to the final trill of the museum. It works in tandem with the Skull Dials. The final goal is to the surprise in the final room, a slide that runs from the top floor down to the Main Lobby, and reveal the hiding spot of the Electric Ixupi‘s hiding spot.

The Puzzle[]

The puzzle is moderately difficult. The first difficulty is finding the first riddle, which is to be delivered by a fortune telling machine. Since the museum had not been set up yet, it is stored in a small room in the secret passages. It is possible that it is meant to be in the Main Entry Hall. From there, one must head between four different locations in the museum, effectively running up and down between the three floors.

This leads to the second difficulty. The location of one of the riddles, the book Egyptian Hieroglyphs Explained, has changed. It is initially supposed to be in the Library, however, it is located with Professor Windlenot’s corpse. However, the page in question had been torn out by Beth Ann Nelson, and can be located with her corpse. This won’t be revealed until nine of the Ixupi are captured.

The Riddles[]

First Riddle[]

The first riddle is given to the play by the Fortune Teller Machine

The Fortune Teller Machine

, at the cost of a nickel, apply provided by the machine. It is printed on a card that the machine holds. It reads:

“Earth must be aligned with Love and War. Then from below you’ll discover more.”

First Riddle In The Riddle Chain

The reference of Earth in the riddle should make one realize where the solution must be found, however the book Mythology of the Stars is helpful with the rest. Hence, the solution is in the Planetarium.

Second Riddle[]

The second riddle is found once the meaning of the first riddle is discovered, and will be visible in the Planetarium. It appears under the model of the Solar System. It reads:

“Midst the storm, the Norse God executes his thunderous deed. Near him a message, its content you must heed.”

The Second Riddle

The reference of the Norse God should make one realize that the next riddle is in the Gods and Religious Items room.

Third Riddle[]

The third riddle, once it is revealed by following the directions of the second riddle, appears to fairly straight forward. It is located near the statue of Thor, Norse God of Thunder. It reads:

“In hieroglyphs of Egypt ancient, a secret is concealed. Contemplate page 17, the solution is revealed.”

The Third Riddle

This riddle is supposed to be found in the book Egyptian Hieroglyphs Explained, which is supposed to be in the pedestal in the Library. In actuality, the book is located elsewhere, and the page is also located elsewhere.

Fourth Riddle[]

The fourth riddle is listed on page 17 of the book mentioned earlier. The hiding place of the page is not revealed until nine of the ten Ixupi left in the museum are found. It reads:

“A Noble punishment, It still causes dread. This be your choice, Relinquish your head.”

The fact that a punishment is mentioned should hint that final location is the Man’s Inhumanity to Man room. Once the riddle is solved, the symbols revealed are those in the final room.

Other Examples[]

This particular puzzle is used in many places, as it is the similar to a scavenger hunt. This ranges from old game shows, such as Supermarket Sweep, and Finders Keepers, which puts a time limit on completing the riddle chain/scavenger hunt, to video games, one notable series is Legend of Zelda, which has used the treasure hunt situation in a vague sense, allowing the player to try to figure out who will best use the next item in the chain. Some entries in the Zelda series have shown that certain events need to be completed before the hunt can continues, and some key events need the hunt to be completed to a set point to continue the main quest. The Zelda series has also included time limits to get one item to its next location in time. Luckily, in Shivers, the only difficulty is that the game must be mostly completed before the final riddle can be revealed.