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The ‘Projection Room’ is one of the museum’s back rooms, not intended for the tourists, and as such is accessible only through the Secret Passageways.


The projection room is the room where all the movies that can be shown on the screen in the Theater are kept. It is a room with one old style movie projector, and shelves full of movie tins. Sir Hubert Windlenot has adorned a wall of the room with the poster of Curse of the Tomb movie. There is also a stack of tins lying on a locked trunk right near the door which presumably are issues of the Mysterious Places series or other relevant documentaries. There are more movie tins in the shelves that form a small corridor.


The only way in or out of the room.

There is only one door in and out of the projection room. A non descript wooden door leading back to the passageway.

Hiding Spots[]

There is one hiding spot in the Projection room.


Film Tins the Metal Ixupi will hide in.

The movie tins on the locked trunk next to the door are a hiding spot for the Metal Ixupi.

Things Amiss[]

The only thing that might be amiss is the film projector in the room. It is evident that the projector was loaded with a film that will help visitors solve the door that leads to the subterranean maze. It is possible that this was set up in advance for when the first tour came through, but the film had also been ran, since the film must be reloaded before viewing. Also, while back in the film shelves, when you look at the door, sometimes a shadow can be seen moving. This could be either a shadow person, or proof the Metal Ixupi is now in its hiding spot.


The only thing that could be considered a puzzle is loading up the film in the projector. Not difficult at all. However, it does provide the solution to the door that leads to the Subterranean World maze.