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Hubert Windlenot

Sir Hubert T. Windlenot is a "mad Professor", the protagonist of the game ‘Shivers‘, the creator of the Windlenot's Museum of the Strange and Unusual and one of the Ixupi‘s victims.


Hubert Windlenot, the second son of William Windlenot, Earl of Runcorn, is a member of a very old family in Britain. The Windlenot family has been around for centuries, as noted in the letter from his family’s lawyers. He went to proper schools and attende Oxford

After graduating Oxford with honors, he married noble Mary Elizabeth Worthington and their son was Geoffrey Windlenot. He then went into a career of Archeology, possibly the first in his family line to do so. It could be assumed that he had the finances to do such things, since his family is wealthy, something that held true over the years. One of his first travels was at Egypt, and stood before the Great Sphinx when he felt "reborn" and decided to dedicate himself to the lore of the ancients and prove the truth behind myths. From then on, his scholarly interest was that of oddities, his research being focused on ancient curses, findings on mythical beings, proof of alien life, Atlantis and so on.

In 1938 he became convinced that pyramids were to be found in isolated parts of the world other than Egypt, inspired by extraterrestrials. His paper gained him election to Edinburgh's Royal Society at 30. Membership was so important to him that he didn't dare to express his true feelings in the paper. He then ventured to archeoastronomy although his theories brought ridicule on him. For 6 years he traveled to several places like Peru, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and China and found when he believed to be proof about common elements between unrelated civilizations.

At some point in Hubert’s life, he earned Knighthood. This could be linked to some Archeological discovery, since Knighthood cannot be purchased.

He also claimed to find the remains of a mythical griffin in a tar pit in Turkey, and the mummy of a cyclops in a cave in the Himalayas. The President of the society Sir John S. Brown accused called him a charlatan and asked him to resign, saving him the shame of being dismissed. However his attitude estranged him from his family.

The Museum[]

Hubert had accepted a professorship at a college and moved to Mount Pleasant, Ohio. He was soon disappointed by the interest displayed by his students and he failed to establish relationships with them. In an attempt to sparkle their interest he showed them his controversial discoverie. They even started calling him "Windlenut".

After his contract ended, he quit teaching. Hubert had decided to fulfill his dream of a museum for the things that he found interesting: the oddities of the world. He purchased a piece of land that reminded him of Cumberland. He, no doubt, had felt it was possible after Robert E. Ripley made such things famous. It is also possible that Windlenot had decided to create the museum in America since Ripley was American.

When he mentioned his dreams of opening a museum, the town decided to allow it, expecting Professor Windlenot to provide people in the town jobs. At the museum ground-breaking Mayor Jim Wilton and president of CoC Bob Taylor were present. However Professor Windlenot had, in the interest of keeping some things about the place to be a surprise to the town, gone and hired outside contractors. Arguments between the mayor and outside cntractors postponed the opening of the museum.

In the years that followed, he acquired various objects for on display, and was slowly getting things in order. The opening of the museum kept being postponed. His work at the university had also earned him some admirers in the town, one being Merrick Campbell, a young man who was new to the town.

In the 1970's he sought to find the entrance to a subterranean world and to prove that the Stonehenge was built by aliens.

In a letter that came from his wife, she says that it would be socially better for their child if he never communicated with Geoffrey, and also that the Royal Society had not mentioned his indiscretions. A common thought at the time, when it came to things that did not make sense. She also mentions that it had earned Professor Windlenot the reputation of a trickster.

Having left for a trip to Africa he returned in September 1980, and discovered some things in the museum in disarray. He figured the place had been broken into, but something told him the break in was not meant to be malicious. To his horror, he discovered the exhibit of the Ixupi had been tampered with, and that all thirteen were released.


Windlenots Corpse Closeup.jpg

Hubert met his death as he was trying to flee from the museum.regretting that he had put all those puzzles. While he was fleeing through the area with the underground lake, his life essence was taking by the Stone Ixupi. This led to his spirit being trapped inside the Stone Ixupi’s Vessel. His spirit, however, has been able to speak out to people who get near the museum.