‘Professor Windlenot’s Workshop’ is one of the rooms in the museum, which is not one of the exhibit rooms.


Professor Windlenot‘s Workshop is where the professor prepared some of the exhibit in the museum. Like any archeologist, all the tools to delicately care for the items is in there. As well as bigger tools to fix items that may be broken. Even the worktable has a diagram for a basilisk skull on it.


There is only one entrance and exit in the workshop, and that leads right into Professor Windlenot‘s Office. The room is essentially a dead end

The only door in the Workshop

route, but it was not for visitors to enter.

Hiding SpotsEdit

There are only two spots in Professor Windlenot’s Workshop that are hiding spots.



Where the vessel or talisman can be found after solving the puzzle

The only hiding spot for a vessel in the workshop is a hidden compartment underneath the bone drawers. Opening this compartment requires solving the puzzle.



The statue that the Wood Ixupi will hide in

e only place for an Ixupi to hide in the wooden statue that is on the other side of the worktable. One has to literally walk around the table to approach it. This makes for a good hiding spot to avoid capture.

Things AmissEdit

The workshop is not as ransacked as the office was, however, there are slightly obvious signs that something is amiss. One of the tools is

The tools are a mess.

missing, and several more are not in their proper locations, a sure sign they were grabbed in a haphazard fashion.


The only puzzle in the room is the Bone Drawers puzzle. This puzzle is relatively simple. All one has to do is open six drawers and turn the key. If you open the correct six drawers, turning the key opens the hidden panel.

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