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‘Professor Windlenot’s Office’ is one of the rooms in the museum, which is not one of the exhibit rooms.


Professor Windlenot’s Office is his main workplace. As expected, it is set up like any museum director’s office. Farthest from the door to the main museum is his desk, and it faces that door. Around the desk, there are various items from past expeditions and other thing dear to Professor Windlenot. There is a fireplace in the office, which would hint that the place was designed more in the old style. It is also possible that it was placed there to make the place feel more like home.


There are four exits from Professor Windlenot‘s office. The first is the exit back into the Main Entry Hall. To the left of that door, behind a hanging oriental rug, is a crawl space that leads to an elevator that leads to Professor Windlenot’s Bedroom. Opposite that door, and near the fireplace, is the door for the workshop, where the Professor studies the latest finds brought to the museum. Then, on the same wall, closer to his desk, there is a door that leads to the elevator to the underground lake, which is near the passage to the secret entrance to the museum.

Hiding Spots[]

There are only two spots in Professor Windlenot’s Office that are hiding spots.


There is only one hiding spot for a vessel in the office, and it is the bottom right desk drawer. Opening that drawer reveals the Talisman that is needed to capture the Ash Ixupi. The desk is actually an obvious place, and the Talisman was possibly placed their by Professor Windlenot when he fled from the Ixupi.

The desk drawer where the Ash Ixupi Talisman is hidden


The fireplace where the Ash ixupi hides.

The only place for an Ixupi to hide in the fireplace, where the ash remains from the last fire still remain. This is the perfect spot to locate the Ash Ixupi, and included with the Ash Talisman found in the room, the perfect place to capture the Ash Ixupi.

Things Amiss[]

The fact that the office looks ransacked is sign enough that something is amiss. A partially written letter to Professor Windlenot’s son on the floor, and the cord of the phone has been cut. Lastly, playing the tape recorder on the desk will show that the Professor has realized something is wrong, and even includes an Ixupi attack recorded on tape.


There are no puzzles in the room, however one can find the solution to one puzzle on the bulletin board.

A map of the location of Atlantis