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‘Professor Windlenot’s Bedroom’ is one of the rooms in the museum, which is not one of the exhibit rooms.


Professor Windlenot‘s Bedroom is the residence of Sir Hubert Windlenot in the museum. It is only accessible from Professor Windlenot’s Office, via a hidden crawlspace. This leads to an elevator that takes you up to the bedroom door. Inside is an elegant four poster bed, an armoire full of his favored archeological wear, a suit of armor, a desk where he writes in a journal meant for his son, Geoffrey, and table with a miniature clock on it, like the clock tower. Also, by the door, and over a chest, is the Windlenot coat of arms.


There is only one exit from the bedroom, which is the only door in, leading to the elevator and back to the crawlspace.

Hiding Spots[]

There are only two spots in Professor Windlenot’s Office, however one is only speculated. They are both hiding spots for Ixupi. The first is in the armoire, where the cloth Ixupi can hide in the outfits. The other hiding spot, which has been confirmed, is the suit of armor. This is a perfect hiding spot for the Metal Ixupi.


There are no puzzles in the room, however the clock is the clue to solving another puzzle in the museum. Also, the elevator which are the sole mode of access to the bedroom, requires a puzzle to be solved to access the elevator.