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The ‘Power Room’ is one of the museum’s room and is not a place tourists would go.


The power room is the source of the power that keeps the museum going. Since it is not for visitors, there is nothing that people should see down there. About the only notable features down there are various barrels full of flammable contents, a hot water heater, a furnace, fuse box, and a small room housing the power generator.


There is only one door in and out of the power room. A non descript wooden door.

Door back to secret passage.

Hiding Spots[]

There are two hiding spot in the Power room, however, both are revealed late in the adventure.


The power room is the final hiding spot of the Electric Ixupi. Once all the other Ixupi are captured, it will retreat to the power generator. Once it is hiding there, a loose wire will be evident. It is through this wire that the Ixupi will be captured.

Power Generator where the Electric Ixupi Hides.

Other hiding spot[]

Fuse Box and Hidden Panel.

The other hiding spot is under the fuse box. The box opens once all but the Electric Ixupi are captured. It also required that the first two riddles of the riddle chain are solved. Once that box is open, pushing the one switch in the box exposes the other hiding spot. In this hiding spot is the body of Beth Ann Nelson, and she is holding the page that has the third riddle.

Things Amiss[]

The only thing that appears to be amiss is a barrel of flammable stuff had been tipped over. There is no telling how much liquid spilled out. It could be concluded that some of this liquid must have been ignited, causing the Fire Ixupi to attack and kill Beth, but not enough to cause an explosion.

Barrels with Flamable content. One is laying down.


The only puzzle is the third riddle in the Riddle Chain. Once this Riddle is found, the final part of the riddle chain will lead to the final part of the Electric Ixupi’s vessel.