The ‘Picture Panel Puzzle’ is one of the puzzles of the museum.


The Picture Panel Puzzle is a relatively difficult puzzle. It is located in the

Starting set up of the Picture Panel Puzzle.

Second Floor Secret Passage, and acts as a door lock. It is located next to the door of the Fortune Teller Room. Its appearance is that of a painting, with the exception being that it is twelve pieces, and there is a button on the lower right corner of the frame.

The PuzzleEdit

The puzzle is relatively difficult. First one must figure out what the picture is supposed to look like. Since there is no final image until one solves it, this makes it challenging to begin with. Next, only two pieces may be exchanged at a time. This is a common trait amongst puzzles of this type. The final part is that only after two pieces are swapped, those pieces can be rotated, using the button on the lower right corner of the frame. This is where the difficulty is escalated. Some pieces are correct, while others are rotated ninety degrees left or right, or upside down. This means it is possible to get all the panels in the right spot, but have only one panel orientated differently than the rest. In those rare cases, it is entirely best to restart the puzzle. The reward for successful completion of this puzzle is access to the Fortune Teller room.

This particular puzzle is used in many games, most commonly in the Hidden Object games as an extra challenge. A majority of those just use the simple panel swapping, and occasionally rotate the panels. However, most of those allow you to rotate one at a time, and not always after they are switch. These games also tend to give the player a picture to work off of. These modifications make the puzzle easier to complete. Other variations of this actually uses puzzle pieces.

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