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The ‘Panel Rotation Puzzle’ is one of the puzzles of the museum.


The Panel Rotation Puzzle is an easy puzzle. It is located in the Tombs and Curses room, and acts as a door lock. It is located on the door of the Funeral Rites room. It is hidden behind a set of sliding panels, similar to the doors used to hide items on certain game shows. Once those panels open, a 5 by 5 square of square panels is revealed.

The Puzzle[]

The puzzle is easy. The key to this puzzle is rotating each panel so that they are all in proper alignment. Since each panel is square, there is only four possible ways the panels can be placed. As a guide to help, the pattern on the panels matches up with three slots at the top and bottom of the puzzle. With a huge numbers of combinations for the initial set up (4 to the 25th power), it is highly unlikely for more than a few panels to be the proper position. Once all the panels are in proper alignment, three marbles will travel donw the pattern on the panels. The reward for successful completion of this puzzle is access to the Funeral Rites Room.