Mythology of the Stars.

‘Mythology of the Stars’ is one of the books found in the Library of the museum.


This book is simply a listing of the planets, and a simple description of the ancient deities they are named after. It has a purple cover, and behind the title, it has what appears to be a comet flying by. The author is unknown, as well as the publishing date. It can be safely assumed that the book was published before 1980.

It could be assumed that farther in the book, there would be listings not only for the other planets of the Solar System, but all the known satellites, comet, asteroids, and other bodies in the Solar System, known at the time of publication. It could also be assumed that the book is more geared for children, due to the illustrations and the brief descriptions.

Contents of the bookEdit

Page 1
The image on this page is of the Solar System, with all the known planets marked. Since the book was published before 2006, Pluto is included as one of the major planets of the Solar System
Page 2-3
The inner most planets, Mercury and Venus. For Mercury, it tells how he is the messenger for the gods, the god of commerce and protector of travelers. For Venus, it just mentioned that she is the goddess of love.
Page 4-5
Earth and Mars. For Earth, it mentions that it is the symbol of Earth, as well as the wife of Uranus. For Mars, it mentions how Mars is the god of war, and that the planet was named for its red color.


This book becomes useful in the Planetarium and the first riddle of the Riddle Chain. Since the book only seems to focus on the deities the Inner Planets are named for, those are the ones most important to the riddle. Some of the facts listed are little known except to those well versed on the Gods of classical antiquity.

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