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The ‘Mysteries of the Deep’ is one of the museum’s exhibits room .


Mysteries of the Deep highlights those mysteries and legends linked to the sea. Descending a few steps after entering the room, the Mysteries of the Deep gives the feel of a Grecian temple devoted to Poseidon. Covering the floor is a huge world map, with spots denoting possible locations of the lost city of Atlantis, which legend states sunk into the sea.


Being one of the main exhibit rooms, this room is filled with many displays linked with the sea, and some that might seem out of place. Many items are linked to Poseidon, include a model of his temple in Atlantis, as well as a statue. There is also an example of the supposed power crystals that were used to power the fabled city. In the back of the room, there is a replica of the mythic sirens, the creatures that lured sailors to their death with their intoxicating song, which one can hear. Near the Sirens are two items that seem out of place, the first being an organ whose keys are shaped like seashells, possibly to recreate their song. The other is a replica of the head of Helios, which was the statue also known as the Colossus of Rhodes.


One enters the room from the Strange Beasts exhibit and it seems like its only exit as well. However, a hidden second exit exists, located behind the Colossus of Rhodes, that leads to the Subterranean World. This is one of the many puzzles that Professor Windlenot placed in his museum.

Hiding Spots[]

There are three hiding spots in the Mysteries of the Deep room, and one is a very devious hiding spot.


Location of Atlantis Hiding spot, where one vessel or talisman is hidden.

There is hiding spot for the vessel or talisman in the room is the location of Atlantis. Solving one of the puzzles in the room reveals the location of Atlantis, and along with the vessel is the floor plan of the museum.


There are two hiding spots in the room for the Ixupi. The first place for an Ixupi to hide in the Mysteries of the Deep Exhibit is the model of Poseidon‘s Temple. It is constructed out of sand, and is a perfect hiding spot for the Sand Ixupi. The second is the power crystal display. This is a perfect hiding spot for the Crystal Ixupi.


There are two puzzles in this room. The first one is the Location of Atlantis. By setting the right co-ordinates on the globe the statue of Poseidon, it will reveal a vessel and a floor plan of the museum. The second puzzle in the room is the organ, which will must be used to play the Siren‘s song. Once the correct tune is played, the second exit is revealed.