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‘Mt Pleasant Tribune’ is a newspaper featured in ‘Shivers‘.

The Item[]

The Mt. Pleasant Tribune is the local newspaper for Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. Since it is the only newspaper in the town, it was were everyone went for serious news that wasn’t gossip. Unfortunately, that meant that it was also easy prey for gossip. Giles Blat is one of the reporters for the newspaper, and possibly the only one in the year 1980.

There are two issues that are mentioned in the game. The first one is seen in Professor Windlenot’s coat pocket in his office. The second is seen when the game ends.

September 30, 1980[]

Teenagers Still Missing, Police Baffled

September 30, 1980

Police are baffled by the disappearance of Beth Nelson and Merrick Campbell. A witness reported last seeing the pair leaving together from the high school on Friday. While police are treating the disappearance as a runaway, students at the school insist that the pair were not that close. “No way would he run off with her. Beth was always following Merrick around, but I think he just put up with her. She wasn’t very popular,” said cheerleader Stephanie Stiles. Police first became aware of the missing teenagers early Saturday morning, when Merrick’s father, John Campbell, reported the disappearance of his son. Recently relocated from New York City, Mr. Campbell teaches chemistry at the local university. “I know there has been foul play! Merrick would never run away, as he plans to attend Harvard next fall,” Mr. Campbell stated. Mrs. Rachel Nelson, a Mt. Pleasant native and mother of the missing girl, was at Bob’s Tavern and was not aware of her own daughter’s absence until the police came to question her on Saturday. The girl’s father is living out of state and the police have reported that he has no knowledge of his daughter’s whereabouts. If anyone has any information leading to the location of the two teenager, please contact either the police or the newspaper.