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Metal Pictograph


The Metal Ixupi is sharp looking creature, with metalic claws, glowing eyes, and metal spikes for teeth. One would be rightfully afraid of getting skewered during an attack.

Known hiding spots[]

The Metal Ixupi has three likely hiding spots in the museum. The first is the metallic Unicorn statue in the Strange Beasts room. The second hiding spot it film cans in the projector room. The final hiding spot it in the suit of armor in Professor Windlenot's bedroom.

Signs of Ixupi[]

The usual background noise is drowned out by the sound of sheet metal either bending, or being rubbed together. This loud noise is very distracting, and ones curiosity at the source of the sound is a risk.


The major difficulty for capturing the Metal Ixupi is finding it. While like other Ixupi, one must find the two halves of the vessel, the three locations the metal Ixupi are far apart. At best, the Ixupi will be caught in the Strange Beasts room, at worse, one will have to face the puzzles to open the Elevator multiple times.

Loose in the world[]

If the Metal Ixupi had been able to get loose, the fact that Metal is a major component in all modes of transport and habitat makes this one very dangerous. Metal is used everywhere, even to help mend the body. This Ixupi would have had the world as a hunting ground.