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Merrick Campbell's Notebook.

‘Merrick Campbell’s Notebook’ is one of the books in the possesion of Merrick Campbell, and should be found near his body.


This book is a tan book, that is found laying open on the floor near the Funeral Rites and Spectacular Coffins of Ghana exhibit. It contains Merrick thoughts on his move from New York to Mt. Pleasant.

Contents of the book[]

July 10, 1980 - New York City
Since I am moving tomorrow, I’ve decided to record my thoughts in this journal. I will miss the view of the museum from my apartment window, but Dad says he needs a less stressful job.
(A decent pencil sketch of the 1980’s New York Skyline, close to the Empire State Building, is on the bottom of the page.)
July 15, 1980 - Mt. Pleasant
While I am not exactly excited about this small town, it does have its advantages over NYC. The air is very clean so my telescope will work great and it’s quiet. For Dad’s sake, I will try to think of more.
(A vague drawing of rural area).
July 30, 1980 - Mt. Pleasant
This town has a really awesome museum - Professor Windlenot's Museum of the Strange and Unusual. The sign says it is opening soon. CAN’T WAIT!!
(A drawing of the museum on the bottom of the page).
August 8, 1980 - Mr. Pleasant
Dad says the museum will never open. I don’t believe it. He says Professor Windlenot once taught at the same college Dad is teaching in, but now he is some kind of eccentric.
(A vague image of skulls and bones).
August 20, 1980 - Mr. Pleasant
NOT looking forward to school next week. I finally saw the Professor. He looks really cool, like he just got off an archaeology dig.
(A rough sketch of Professor Windlenot).
August 29, 1980 - Mt. Pleasant
School is as bad as I thought. Everyone here is a bunch of hicks. There’s this girl Beth, who’s kind of cute and says she knows Professor Windlenot. I’m not sure I believe her. Dad says he’s a recluse and not likely to know a high school girl.
(A light drawing of country setting).
September 7, 1980 - Mt. Pleasant
Turns out that Beth really doesn’t know the Professor, just a lot about him. She says he has some secret way to get into the museum, but nobody has figured it out yet. I followed him home from the post office yesterday and saw him go into the museum. She was right, he didn’t go to the front door. He went to a gazebo and did something that made a little bridge come up, then crossed the bridge, then went into the ground. Cool!
(The next page has some sort of picture linked to the museum surroundings)
September 13, 1980 - Mt. Pleasant
Dad said I had to get a job. BUMMER. He said kids in small towns get in trouble without jobs. So, I’m working at the bookstore. Good news!! I followed the Prof. again and I figured out the layout of the museum grounds. I think I could figure out how to get in. Beth has given me all sorts of advice. I think she likes me. She keeps hanging around. It’s hard to follow someone else when you are being followed yourself.
(A decent hand drawn map of the Museum Courtyard).
September 16/17, 1980 - Mr. Pleasant
Beth keeps hanging around. I hate it when Dad thinks she’s my girlfriend, and invites her over for dinner. This job has turned out to be OK after all. I finally met the Prof. face-to-face. He came in to the bookstore to see if we had a book on some African tribe. He seemed to recognize me. I asked him lots of questions. He was pretty cool, but secretive. He kept staring at me. He did say he was going to Africa tomorrow. With him gone, I’m going to try and get into the museum. I have most of it figured out.
?? Should I get rid of Beth or take her with me??
She IS hard to get rid of.
September 26, 1980 - Mt. Pleasant
Tonight’s the night! Dad is attending some kind of lecture. I told him we are going to a movie in case he comes home early. WE means I’ve decided to take Beth with me. She might come in handy, she IS smart, AND she had a rope ladder we can use to get over the wall (she says she uses it to sneak out at night).
Here’s the schedule:
  • 7:00 PM - leave house
  • 7:45 PM - climb over wall
  • 8:10 PM - raise stone step bridge
  • 8:25 PM - enter Stonehenge
  • 8:30-10:30 - explore museum
  • 11:15 PM - home
  • 11:30 PM - Dad comes home.
(drawing of the area of the museum grounds that Merrick dubbed Stonehenge)

September 26, 1980 - The museum

This is a very odd museum. There are a lot of rooms we can’t even get into, and puzzles everywhere. We found this one exhibit that had some ancient pots. There is a warning outside not to disturb them, but Beth said she didn’t believe the sign, and opened one of them anyway. There was a pretty cool noise and it felt like cold wind coming out of the pot. I thought I saw green electrical charges come out of it, but Beth said it probably was from negatively charged ions or something. I helped her open the rest. It was pretty neat.
Something horrible happening. Grotesque things coming from everywhere. - Can’t find Beth! We got separated. There are so many secret passages, she could be anywhere.
Found her body in the basement. Those pots, they’re not in the exhibit anymore, I keep finding them all over the museum. I think I have to find them and use them on those creatures.



This book mostly highlights Merricks's background and love for science and museums and also that he doesn't sees Beth as she hoped he did. It also explains how all the vessels for the Ixupi were opened and how they are are being moved all over the museum. It also shows that Merrick died after Beth.