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The spirit of Merrick Campbell

'Merrick Campbell' is one of the people mentioned in the game 'Shivers', and one of the Ixupi's victims.

Basic Information[]

Merrick Campbell moved to Mt. Pleasant, Ohio when his father took a job at the local university. He was apparently from New York City, since in his journal, he remarks about drawing the New York City skyline. Merrick was most likely born between June 1962 and June 1963. He also suffers from Asthma.

In Beth Ann Nelson's Address Book, Beth notes that he is cute and smart, and flourished his entry with the imprint of a lipstick kiss.His phone number is 555-6721.

Merrick Campbell's Inhaler


Merrick's father, John Campbell, is a college professor, and had taken a job teaching at the college near Mt. Pleasant. It appears Merrick's father was fond of him, and Merrick was always welcome at the college. In fact, it was due to these visits that Merrick found out about Sir Hubert Windlenot.


Merrick Campbell's Notebook.

Merrick was enrolled at Mt. Pleasant High School, and was a senior at the time of his death. It possible that he did very well in school, as remarks from Beth's friends had him pegged as a brainy type and he planned to attend Harvard. He also had an interest in Astronomy, which is hinted at in his journal. He also had an interest in topics that would be most likely found in the 000-099 section of the library's non-fiction section.

Social Life[]

Merrick obviously did not have much of a social life, outside of a friendship with Beth. This is evident by the almost stalking nature he had taken after seeing Sir Hubert Windlenot. This did not go unnoticed, but it was more out of curiosity than malice. Even Sir Hubert Windlenot was aware of Merrick, but since the boy was obviously too shy to approach the professor, Windlenot never knew the boy's name, until after the boy died.

Merrick was either, genuinely in love with Beth, or concerned over the well being of others, as the spirit showed remorse for her fate after they were targeted by the Ixupi.

The Museum[]

Like Beth and Professor Windlenot, he was interested in the odd things in the world. It had been a joint effort for them to get into the museum, and even after the Ixupi escaped, he realized that the vessels needed to be complete before the Ixupi could be contained. It should be noted that he may have been less careful than Beth, as it appears he was the one who had opened the vessels the Ixupi were entombed within. It is obvious that Merrick had gotten separated from Beth, as a video recording shows him dashing through the Strange Beasts room, pausing to take a breath from his inhaler. He had accidentally dropped it in the room. More of his stuff is scattered on the second floor of the museum, which meant that he either traversed in the secret passageways, or solved the puzzles that opened the doors. Both are equally likely, since it is evident that the two teens had solved puzzles and passed hints to one another in some way.


The Jade Skull from the Main Entry Hall.

Merrick met his death in the Funeral Rites room. It was the Jade Ixupi that finally took his life, since his spirit was found in its vessel. His body is found in the Sarcophagus of Ghana. His one book bag is located there, underneath the sarcophagus, as well as how the Jade Ixupi was able to get him. Apparently, in an effort to fight off the Ixupi, Merrick had grabbed the Jade Skull to use as a weapon. It is quite possible that Merrick's corpse might go unnoticed, due to it's hiding spot being a sarcophagus, but if it is discovered, it will most likely be the second one discovered. It is possible the spirit will either be the second or last one found.