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‘Mary Elizabeth Windlenot’ is one of the people mentioned in the game ‘Shivers‘.

Basic Information[]

Mary Elizabeth Windlenot is the estranged wife of Hubert Windlenot. From information discovered, it appears that she cares more about her social standing than that of her husband. She is also referred to as Countess.


Mary Elizabeth Windlenot had one known child, Geoffrey Windlenot.

Social Life[]

Not much can be said about Mary Elizabeth Windlenot's past, but she seems to be very comfortable in the high society scene. This could be because she was born into it, or she always felt like she should be there.

While she married Hubert while his career was just beginning, one could tell she was not happy with his career choices, especially the 'outlandish things' he would present. She found it disgraceful, and probably knew people who agreed with her that they made him look like a trickster.

She was pleased that he stepped down from the Royal Society, and went to America alone to pursue his museum. No doubt that it was at this time she also sought a separation from him, but never formally divorced him. She also asked him to cease contact with Geoffrey, in an effort to save Geoffrey the shame of being associated with Hubert.

It is possible that at the time of the game, she is alive, but she will most likely care nothing about Hubert's passing. In fact, she had shown disdain when the family lawyers had attended Geoffrey's wedding, and inquired about Hubert.