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The ‘Main Entry Hall’ is one of the museum’s exhibits room .


The main entry hall is the first room one would encounter when entering the museum through the front door. Other than a fountain in one part, there is a display case, what is to be an information and welcome desk, and a few displays. There is also a stairway that leads to a balcony which leads to a door on the second floor, as well as a lovely chandelier.


There are very few displays in the main hall. The first display is a group of items in a display case, with the display plaque bringing note to a jade skull. The second display is a group of Transformation Masks, located on the wall between Windlenot’s office, and the library.


There are numerous exits from the main hall. Two of those exits are to exhibit rooms. On the main floor of the entry hall, there is a small bridge that leads to the Strange Beasts exhibit. The other exit to an exhibit is up a circular stairway, and at the end of a balcony/bridge. That door leads to the Tombs and Curses exhibit. There are three exits to other rooms in the museum that are not exhibits. To the left of the fountain, and up a few steps is the door that leads to the Library. Also, next to the Transformation Masks display, is the entrance to Professor Windlenot‘s Office. Finally, on the wall opposite Windlenot‘s office, recessed at the end of a few steps down, is the entrance to the Theater. There are also two secret passages that empty out into the Main Entry Hall. One opens up near the fountain and Library door, at the end of a long slide from the top floor. The other opens up near the door to the Strange Beasts room, and is at the end of a stairway from the Subterranean World exhibit.

Hiding Spots

There are a few hiding spots in the Main Entry Hall, equally split between the Ixupi and their vessels.


Parts of the vessels can be found in two locations. Located in the center transforming mask, one will find either the talisman or the vessel of one of the Ixupi, but never will it be the Ash Ixupi’s vessel. Also, at the base of the slide, one can find either the talisman or the vessel of the Electric Ixupi.


Two Ixupi can be found in the Main Entry Hall. First, the Water Ixupi can be found lurking in the fountain, if the fountain is turned on. Second, the Crystal Ixupi can be found lurking in the chandelier just above the circular staircase.


There is one puzzle in the Main Entry Hall, which requires either memorization, or accurate notes. The Egyptian Direction Puzzle, which when completed,
This is the puzzle that unlocks the door to the Theater. (This is one of several ways it appears when you start the puzzle.)
unlocks the Theater door, involves labeling the compass points with their appropriate direction, except in Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The markings are found in the book Egyptian Hieroglyphics Explained. Also, a brochure will start any visitors on the path of the museum’s big puzzle.

Things Amiss

An axe out of place

There is one clue that things are amiss in the museum. Stuck in what looks like a totem near the Transformation Masks is an Axe. It is possible that the Axe was being used as a possible defense against the Ixupi. The Axe is the one that is missing from the museum workshop.


There is a security camera located in the main entry hall. While it cannot be seen, it is evident from the security console in the building that it is on the wall that has the door to the theater, level with the second floor. From that camera, one can see the dinosaur skeleton over the Strange Beasts exhibit, and part of the railing that leads to the Tombs and Curses exhibit.

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