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The ‘Location of Atlantis’ is one of the puzzles of the museum.


The Location of Atlantis Puzzle is a simple puzzle located in the Mysteries of the Deep room. It is part of the statue of Poseidon. .It looks
The location of the puzzle.
like a globe being held by the Greek God of the Sea. Along the x and y axis, there are several semi-circular tabs with co-ordinates on it. All those co-ordinates are on fifteen degree increments.

The Puzzle

The puzzle is relatively simple. Since the puzzle is to find the location of Atlantis, the tabs at the center must be on the location of Atlantis. If one knows their global geography, there should be numerous combination that can be eliminated solely on the fact that they are on land. One can also rule out the starting combination, which is off the coast of Africa for those who know their geography. The solution to this puzzle is actually one of the believed locations of Atlantis, which can be found in Professor Windlenot‘s Office. Once this is selected, a beam of light will point from the globe to a spot on the floor. This spot will rise up to reveal a hiding spot, which includes a part of one of the vessels, and the map of the museum.
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