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The ‘Library’ is one of the museum’s room.


The library is a relatively small room that seems to have been intended for the public. The room is full of bookshelves, each of which are filled with books that are linked to Professor Hubert Windlenot's interests, the ancient mysteries and the background of the museum exhibits. The bottom part of the bookshelves serve as cabinets. Also along the one wall of bookshelves, there is a ladder that rolls along the wall, which is used to access a higher lever of bookshelves, where there is a statue on the one wall.

In the center of the room, is a large table, obviously intended for the visitors so they can sit and study the books. On one corner of the room there is a candelabra, with a lot of wax candles on it. On the opposite end of the room, there is a pedestal, which a special book is to rest on.


The resting place that Egyptian Hieroglyphs Explained is to rest.

The only thing that would qualify as a display would be the pedestal with the book Egyptian Hieroglyphs Explained in a prominent position. The book, that was removed, is a key part of the Riddle Chain in the museum.


There are two exits from the library. One enters the library through a door from the Main Entry Hall. The library is apparently a dead end, but there is also a secret exit hidden by one bookshelf, which leads to the Secret Passageways on the first floor of the museum.

Hiding Spots[]


The secret compartment in the base of the statue.

The only hiding spot in which a vessel is hidden is in the base of a statue high up on one of the walls. The only way to reveal this hiding spot is pulling the correct book on the one library shelf, a usual but effective cliché.


The Candelabra which is the hiding place of the Wax Ixupi.

The only hiding spot in the Library for an Ixupi are the candles in the candelabra.

Things Amiss[]

This room shows evident signs that something is amiss. The first is that the book that is supposed to be on the pedestal is missing. The next sign that things are amiss is that the bookshelf that would conceal the entrance to the Secret Passageway is wedged open. It is entirely possible that this was done by Beth Ann Nelson, since she was the one who went down the secret passage.


There are no real puzzles in the Library, unless you call the cliché book being a hidden lever. However, the book that is supposed to be on the pedestal is part of the Riddle Chain puzzle. There are also books in the library that can be used to solve other puzzles in the museum.

Books in the Library[]

While there are numerous books in the library, the important titles are as follows.