‘‘Letter to Geoffrey Windlenot’ is a item featured in ‘Shivers‘.

The LetterEdit

This is an incomplete letter that Professor Windlenot had been in the process of writing to Geoffrey. It in response to a letter that was sent to him from Geoffrey.

The Actual LetterEdit

Sept. 17th, 1980

My Dearest Geoffrey

I was deeply gratified to receive your letter. After eight years, I was afraid you would never forgive me. Your letter, however, gave me hope that I might once again be part of your life. You may not be aware of this, but your mother felt it best that I distance myself from you. She was perhaps correct. When I first dreamed of the museum, you were to be a part of it. Twenty years have passed, and it is still incomplete. I do feel, however, with the Siegfeld Schwartz acquisition, and an upcoming trip to Zimbabwe, my collection will be complete.

Please come view the museum and tell me what you think. Yours is the one opinion I treasure most in all the w

(nothing follows after this in the letter)


The abrupt ending of the letter suggests that something urgent or fateful happened to Professor Windlenot so that he never finished the letter. The viewer can connect the unfinished letter with the Professor's fateful encounter with the Ixuti. However other evidence around the game shows that things went wrong only after the Professor returned from Africa (the letter mentions a scheduled trip to Zimbabwe) on or after Sept. 30 (the letter is dated Sept. 17). Whatever caused the Professor to stop the letter was obviously unrelated to the mishaps that led to his demise, many days later.

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