‘‘Letter from Mary Elizabeth Windlenot’ is a item featured in ‘Shivers‘.

The LetterEdit

This letter is one address to Professor Windlenot, and came from his wife, Mary Elizabeth Windlenot.  It shows how the woman had cared more about social image, than Hubert’s feelings.

The Actual LetterEdit

May 14, 1972

My Dear Hubert,

I want to thank you for resigning from the Royal Society and avoiding the shame of being publicly dismissed.  While our friends have not forgotten how you embarrassed us, they at least have the courtesy to refrain from mentioning your indiscretions in public.  Had the Griffin been your only lapse, I think Sir Brown would have dismissed it.  But you were constantly presenting things like curses of tombs, a mummified Cyclops, proof of life in outer space, and a Unicorn.  I know you felt slighted by your colleagues, and that was why you left England, but Hubert, your reputation is that of a trickster - not a scientist!  I’m worried that our son might not be accepted into the proper social circles.  Which brings me to the point of this letter.  It would be better for Geoffrey if you cease all communications with him.  His future is far too important to risk jeopardizing it with dreams of a father digging up some myth from a desert tomb.  I trust that you will do the honorable thing an leave Geoffrey alone while you play with your museum.

With regards,

Mary Elizabeth Windlenot
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