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This letter written by Joseph Whitney is arrived to the museum's gargoyle-shaped mailbox.

The Letter[]

The Envelope showing the museum's address

The envelope and the letter it contains has fared well given the years it has remained untouched.

The text of the letter that was sent is as follows:

Letter From Lawyer.jpg

Dear Hubert
The firm of Whitney and Son, Ltd. Has handled the legal and financial affairs of the Windlenots for 256 years, always in a discreet and trustworthy manner. In the tradition of Whitney and Son, James, my eldest, will continue serving you when I retire from the firm in a fortnight. He and Geoffrey often played together as children, so I'm sure you remember him.
James and I were pleased to attend Geoffrey's wedding in London last April, and were surprised not to see you there. The Countess responded quite bitterly when asked about you. I tried to smooth things over by making a sizable financial endowment to the happy couple on your behalf. It puzzles your family and old friends as to why we have not heard from you for over four years, but we assume the museum keeps you busy. I will not bother you further. However, in my absence, if the firm fails to live up to you expectations, let me know personally.
Your Servant and Friend
Joseph P. Whitney