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The ‘Funeral Rites’ is one of the museum’s exhibits room .


Funeral Rites highlights the ways many cultures mark the passing of their own. Many of the rights displayed in the room include methods only used in the past, and examples of method used in both past and present. Some of the displays can be interacted with.


While this is one of the main exhibit rooms, each exhibit highlights more on the ceremonies used to honor the passing of loved ones. There is a few displays that involve when the body is intact, and few where the body is destroyed.

One exhibit is devoted to the ancient practice of the Vikings to send the body out to sea, with all there possessions on the boat for the next life. Another display is that of the burial sarcophagi used in Ghana, which are very decorative. Another display is for the more simple burial styles used in Paracas.

Two other displays are devoted to cremation. While on is more focused on humans, a separate display is focused on animal cremation, showing that pets are so dear that people also wish them cremated, or deserving of the same burial customs as a member of the family.


There are two exits in the Funeral Rites room. The first one is up the steps to the door to the Tombs and Curses room. The other door is the one to the Shaman exhibit room.

Hiding Spots[]

There are three hiding spots in the Funeral Rites room.


There is hiding spot for the vessel or talisman in the cremation display of the

Location where the vessel part is hidden.

room. The key to finding the hiding spot is completing the Solitaire IQ puzzle. Once the puzzle is complete, a drawer opens up, revealing the hiding spot.


The hiding spots for an Ixupi in this room are both related to displays. The first is the ashes of the cremation display. It is a known hiding spot of the Ash Ixupi. The second is the burial bundles, in which the Cloth Ixupi is known to hide in.


There are two puzzles in this room. The first one is the Solitaire IQ puzzle, which is in the base of the cremation display. Completing that puzzle, as stated above, reveals a hiding spot in the base of that display. The second puzzle is one of the Skull Dials, right near the Viking Burial Boat.

Things Amiss[]

At first, it appears nothing really is amiss in here. However, careful examination of the coffin display in the room reveals something that should not be there. The jade skull that is supposed to be in the Main Lobby is lying near it. Also, there is the Diary of Merrick Campbell lying under the coffin. Opening this coffin reveals the corpse of Merrick Campbell. Since Merrick’s ghost is found in the Jade Ixupi’s vessel, it is likely that Merrick might have hidden in the coffin to stay safe from the Ixupi, and had the jade skull as a weapon. The Jade Ixupi then stole the last of Merrick’s essence, using the jade skull as the point of attack.