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The ‘Fortune Teller Room’ is one of the museum’s room but is not an exhibit, nor would it be usually visited by the public.


The Fortune Teller Room is one of the smallest rooms in the museum. It

The Fortune Teller Machine

is not really part of the museum, since it is hidden amongst the secret passages. It is possible that the room is mainly a storage room, and that the Fortune Telling machine was supposed to be in the main lobby. For the most part, it is a small octagonal room.


Only door in the Fortune Teller Room.

There is only one exit from the Fortune Teller Room, and that is the door that leads back to the Secret Passageway on the Second Floor.

Things Amiss[]

The only clue that something is amiss in this room is that against one wall

The Jade Ixupi Vessel in the Fortune Teller Room.

is the vessel of the Jade Ixupi, in which Merrick‘s spirit is trapped.


While there is no puzzle in the room to solve, the Fortune Teller Machine provides the beginning of the Riddle Chain. It is a set of four riddles that will eventually reveal the secret in the final room of the museum.