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‘Egyptian Hieroglyphs Explained’ is one of the books found in the museum. Its original location was in the Library but Professor Windlenot found it on the floor with a page ripped off. He carried it with him on his way out and it is still held by his dead body near the underground lake.


This book is a brown book, whose cover has watermarks on it, as well as the pages. This is expectable as it remained near an underground lake for 15 years.

Contents of the book[]

Page 2-3
On these two pages are the Egyptian Hieroglyphs for ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’
Page 6 and 7
  • Aakhunaten - Tried to introduce monotheistic worship of the god Aten unsuccessfully into Egypt and began its downfall. Son of Queen Ti and Amenhotep III. Changed his name from Amenhotep IV to Aakhunaten and caused the name ‘Amen’ to be chiseled out of all monuments, even his father’s. His wife was the beautiful Nefertiti.
  • Nefertiti - Wife of Aakhunaten, mother of six daughters.
Pages 8 and 9
  • Cleopatra - Ruled during the period after Egypt was conquered by Alexander the Great and before the Roman conquest.
  • Lady Ti - Wife of Amenhetep III. Mother of Amenhetep IV. Was a commoner married by a pharaoh.
  • Seneferu - First ruler of the Fourth Dynasty. Built the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid.
  • Semti - Also known as Hesepti.
Pages 10 and 11
  • Tutankhamen - King of Egypt 1400 BC. Living image of Amen. Became king at age 9.
  • Amonhotep - His mummy was discovered wrapped in flower petals.
Page 14 and 15
  • Ramses - Noted for building of temples at Abu Simbel. Known to have sired over 100 children.
  • Queen Nofretari - Wife of Ramses. Her mummy found buried in a sarcophagus over 10 feet high.
  • Thothmes III - One of the first Egyptian mummies ever to be uncovered.
  • Queen Mutemuaa - Wife of Thothmes IV. He had to ask for her hand seven times.
Page 16
On this page are the hieroglyphs for the four cardinal directions.
Page 17
On this page is part of the Riddle Chain. However, this page has been torn out of the book. It can be found in the hands of Beth Ann Nelson’s corpse.


Of all the books that is suppose to be in the library, this book is the most helpful as it contains the answers to two puzzles in the museum. One of those puzzles is the Egyptian Direction Puzzle, which lets you into the Theater. The other puzzle is the Sphinx's Watch puzzle which requires two of the cartouches found in the book. The last is that it contains the last riddle of the Riddle Chain.