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The ‘Egyptian Direction Puzzle’ is one of the puzzles of the museum.


The Egyptian Direction Puzzle is a moderately easy puzzle. It is located in the Main Lobby, and acts as a door lock. It is located on the door of the Theater. It is hidden

The door to the Theater, clicking the central star opens the puzzle.

between to panels that slide open when the central star is pressed. Once the panels open, the star is at the center of a compass, and at each cardinal point is a two by four space in which panels with various hieroglyphs on them are in various arrangements.

The Puzzle[]

The puzzle is moderately easy. The key to this puzzle is configuring each space was the direction in it. The only trick is that the directions are represented by hieroglyphics. The

This is one of the various combinations this puzzle can start in.

correct configuration for each direction is located in the book Egyptian Hieroglyphics Explained, which would normally be located in the lobby, but is actually held by the corpse of Professor Hubert Windlenot. The only difficulty in the puzzle is that the depictions of East and West are similar in look. The reward for successful completion of this puzzle is access to the Theater.