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Crystal Pictograph


The Crystal Ixupi can only be descibed as living crystals, or if you are familiar with Star Trek, a Tholian. It has pupiless black eyes, and mouth of sharp crystal teeth.

Known hiding spots[]

One will most likely encounter this Ixupi is in one of two rooms. The first place is some Quartz crystal, representing the power sources of Atlantis in the Mysteries of the Deep room. The other location is the Chandelier in the entry hall.

Signs of Ixupi[]

The usual background noise is accompanied by the sound of tinkling crystals. This could easily be missed around the Chandelier, but noticable near the power crystal.


As with other Ixupi, the most difficult part with capturing the Crystal Ixupi is finding the halves of the vessel. The limited hiding spots is a slight boon, and there is only one room between the two hiding spot.

Loose in the world[]

If the Crystal Ixupi had been able to get loose, the hiding spots could be dangerous. Any place that has crystals of any sort would be perfect hunting grounds for the Ixupi. Chandeliers in fancy homes, and majestic buildings, as wells as museums with stuf like geodes would be dangerous to even enter.