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Cloth Pictograph


The Cloth Ixupi has an appearance similar to the Grim Reaper, however the Ixupi's robe is the same color as the cloth it hides in. It also has a very fear inducing face, being the only Ixupi to have three eyes.

Known hiding spots[]

This Ixupi has a whole bunch of hiding spots in the museum. The first is some cloths in the Curse of Anubis exhibit in the Tombs and Curses room. Another hiding spot for the Ixupi is in the Burial Rites room, in the Paracas burial bundles. The next place the Ixupi can be encounterd is in Professor Windlenot's Armoire, up in his tower bedroom. The final place it amongst the rags in the Janitor's closet.

Signs of Ixupi[]

The usual background noise is accompanied by the sound of what might be tearing fabric. This could easily be something else, but the odds are the sound is more to lure someone into getting close, and a tearing piece of fabric gets anybody's attention.


As with other Ixupi, the most difficult part with capturing the Cloth Ixupi is finding the halves of the vessel. The one plus to capturing the Cloth Ixupi is that the creatue is usually found hiding in the rags in the Janitor's closet. This hiding spot is because hidden amongst those rags is part of one vessel.

Loose in the world[]

If the cloth Ixupi had gotten loose, the only people possibly safe would have been he naturalists. Clothing shops would be a disaster waiting to happen.