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The ‘Clock Tower’ is one of the museum’s room but is not an exhibit, nor would it be usually visited by the public.


The Clock Tower is one of the more creepy rooms in the museum. It is not really part of the museum, since it is the location of security equipment, as well as the insides of the clock mechanism. For the most part, it a circular stairway that ascends up for about three or four floors. At one part of the stairway, some chains are exposed that control the clock mechanism. At the top, there is a ladder that leads to the clock mechanism and security system. There is also a jukebox up there which is linked to one of the other displays in the museum.


There is only one exit from the Clock Tower, and that is the door that leads back to the Theater. This door is at the base of the Clock Tower.

The door back to the Theater

Hiding Spots[]

There is one hiding spots in the Clock Tower, and it is only revealed after solving the puzzle involving the clock and the chains.


The hiding spot is the one face in the clock mechanism that is initially outside when the clock is at 12:00. When

Location of the vessel which is reveal upons setting the proper time on the clock.

the clock is set to the appropriate time, the face in question will be inside the tower, and you can claim the vessel part that is in it.

Things Amiss[]

There are four signs that something is amiss in the Clock Tower. The first is that two of the clock chains are broken. Since the clock tower is not part of the tour, this is most likely not planned, and a sign that something was done to the clock tower to make it no longer function. The second is the security system which is still active. It could be that the Electricity Ixupi is using it to watch for more victims. Lastly, located on the wooden floor of the Clock Tower is the vessel of the Fire Ixupi, in which Beth‘s spirit is trapped. The fourth sign is that an odd shadow can be seen descending the circular stairs.


There is one puzzle in the Clock Tower, which is the Clock Chains puzzle. Using the chains to set the correct time on clock reveals the vessel. Also, the jukebox is linked to a puzzle in the Gods and Religious Items room. Also, by using the security system, one can find the key to solving the puzzle in the Shaman Room.