The ‘Clock Chains Puzzle’ is one of the puzzles of the museum.


The Clock Chains puzzle is a normal to moderately difficult puzzle. It is located halfway up the Clock Tower, as a

The chains controling the time on the clock. First two for hours, middle two for minutes.

group of chains that manipulate the time, the last set being broken. Once the solution is found, the hiding spot is revealed, and the vessel part is easily accessible.

The PuzzleEdit

The puzzle is normal to moderately difficult. With four chains complete, the trick of this puzzle is the set the clock to the proper time. One set of chains move the time forward and back a set number of hours. The next set of chains move the time forward and backwards a set number of minutes. This puzzle can be time consuming, since the only way to check the clock is using the Security System, or using the bell chimes as clues to how close you are. There is a clue to which time is correct if you look at the clock in Professor Windlenot’s Bedroom. However, one cannot forget that when moving the hands of times, changing the minutes also effects the hour hand.

Other ExamplesEdit

This puzzle is a favorite of others, and has been used in other puzzle games. One note worthy example of this puzzle is the gear bridge in Myst. The difference in that puzzle is that it does not feature the ability to move the clock hands backwards, which adds to the difficulty of the puzzle.

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