The ‘Bone Drawers’ is one of the puzzles of the museum.


The Bone Drawers Puzzle is a moderately easy puzzle. It is located in Professor Windlenot‘s Workshop, and acts a bit as a security

The Bone Drawers Puzzle

measure to protect something. It is simply a wooden box with a key in the corner, which can only be turned when the correct combination of drawers is opened. The drawer are set up three across and four down. Six of these drawers must be opened to solve the puzzle. Also, what appears to be a bone fragment of sorts is in each drawer.

The PuzzleEdit

The puzzle is moderately easy. The key to this puzzle is selecting the correct six drawers. Once the correct six drawers are opened, the key will glow and it can be turned. Located in the workshop is something that will hint at which drawers must be open, and which ones must be closed. The odds of picking the correct combination on the first try is a 1 in 924 chance with reduced odds. Once the correct set of drawers is selected, the key will glow, indicating it can be turned. A clue to this is the basalisk diagram. Once turned, it will open the hiding spot under the puzzle.

==Other Examples

There is a well known example of how this puzzle works in television history. The bonus round of a game show called Wipeout (this version in America originally aired in the early 1990’s, and was hosted by Peter Tomarken) had a bonus round where twelve items were listed on twelve monitors. The contestant had forty-five to sixty seconds to select the six items that matched the category of the bonus round. Successful selection of the six items resulted in a win.

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