‘‘Atlantis Solved Map’ is a item featured in ‘Shivers‘.

The ItemEdit

The Atlantis Solved map is an item found in Professor Windlenot’s office. It is posted on the wall, right next to the door

Atlantis Solved Map

to the Elevator, easily visible from the desk. On the map, a picture of the earth can be seen, and at various places, a circular mark is placed. One at one intersection of latitude and longitude, it is circled with red, and the words ‘Must Explore’. Tacked on the map, there is an article about an expedition

The ArticleEdit

Expedition Forms To Search For… Atlantis?
Atlantis Map Note

Expedition Forms To Search For...Atlantis

The lost city of Atlantis may yet be found, if Dr John Poyermo and Sir Hubert T Windlenot have their way. Dr Poyermo maintains that Bimini Island is the western tip of the march larger continent of Atlantis that once covered the entire area known as The Bermuda Triangle. Previous research has been focused on the west site of the island, where marble columns and an underwater road have been discovered.

Sir Hubert T Windlenot, second son of Sir William Windlenot, Earl of Runcorn, is funding the new expedition. Now residing in the United States, “Professor” Windlenot (as he now prefers to be called) has funded many archeological expeditions and will soon be opening a museum to house the artifacts he has collected. “The museum seeks to explain not only the mystery of Atlantis, but many other unexplained mysteries.” Sir Windlenot explained.

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