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Ash Pictograph


The Ash Ixupi is most likely the second Ixupi encountered. The best way to describe it is roughly humanoid looking shadow, with a two glowing eye, and two arms ending in hands with four fingers.

Known hiding spots[]

The Ash Ixupi attacking.

There are two known places the Ash Ixupi might hide in the museum. The first one that is encountered is the fire place in Professor Windlenot's Office. There is still a pile of ash in it from the last fire that was set in the fireplace

The second location the Ash Ixupi might be encountered is in the Funeral Rites room, in the pile of Ashes that is the exhibit for Cremation in the room.

Signs of Ixupi[]

The usual background noise is drowned out by the sound of bellows when the Ash Ixupi is around. This warning will let you know when you are near it. Most likely, this sound is associated with the Ixupi due to the fact that bellows are used to feed air to the dying flames in the ashes.


The Ash Ixupi is usually the easiest to capture, being the only Ixupi whose vessel halves are always in the same location.

The Talisman[]

Ash Ixupi Talisman

The top, or Talisman, is always located in the bottom right desk drawer in Windlenot's office. The appearance is that of a bull‘s head, on a triangular base.

The Vessel[]

The Vessel itself looks like a pot. On its side is the pictograph for Ash. It is always amongst the pots in the Amazing Plants room.


  • When viewing the game's files in the Sierra SCI Viewer, the Ash Ixupi is shown to be a palette swap of the Water Ixupi in one of its animations.