A book by John Maker. It was in the possession of Merrick Campbell and his backpack which also contained polaroid photos of his exploration with Beth Ann Nelson. It has been dropped in the Myths and Legends room and can be found there.


The first page has a hand-written dedication:

Thanks to my greatest fan, Merrick Campbell - John Maker 1978
Page 31-32
In 1938 Sir Hubert Windlenot wrote a startling paper. In it her reported that pyramids, similar in size and construction to the great pyramids of Egypt, were built in parts of the world by civilizations that had never had contact with each other. The paper was widely respected at first, but later, as he lectured and wrote articles in scientific journals, he claimed that extraterrestrial beings had inspired the construction of these buildings. He went so far as to suggest that the monuments were gigantic "stone signs" built around the world to signal the "Gods" or extraterrestrial beings.
This author neither supports nor denies Windlenot's point of view, butr rather reports it as another theory. As lost civilizations are uncovered and ancient writings deciphered, more mysteries are revealed every year and the theories that explain them multiply.
Recently an increasing number of scientists have at least considered theories similar to Sir Windlenot's. In the past ten years, 319 books and over 100,000 articles have been written addressing the subject. Some support and some criticize. A society called the Ancient Astronaut Society was formed exlusively to prove the hypotheses that astronauts from another worls are the explanation to most of the mysteries of the past.
(illustration of a flying saucer in space)
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